Andri Haryanto – detikNews
Monday, 18/06/2012 04:45 WIB

Kuala Lumpur, Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, Malaysia will immediately recognize the Tor Tor dance and Gondang Sambilan sideline that has been known in the community of North Sumatra, as the national cultural heritage of the neighbor country.
Quoted from, Minister of Information, Communication, and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the Tor Tor dance and the Gorang Sambilan musical instruments will be registered in the Seksyen 67 as the 2005 National Heritage Act.
But (acknowledgment) of this a dance performance requirements should performed periodically and a variety of drum play must be displayed in public,” Rais said before the reporters after opening the Mandailing community meeting,on Thursday (14/06/2012) Malaysia time.
Rais added that the promotion of Mandailing arts and culture are very important, because it can describe the origin of the culture, in addition to uniting with other communities.

Tor-Tor dance and Gondang Sambilan sideline that we know as the tribe’s cultural heritage in North Sumatra will be patented in Seksyen 67 as the Malaysian Heritage Act in 2005, provided that the dance should be performed periodically and the game should be paraded in front of the the public.