1. May I please see your dictionary for a minute.
2. May I please use Erwien’s phone please.
3. Can I have the check please?I have finish my meal.
4. Can I help you with your packages miss? Sure thanks.
5. May I leave the class Mr.Ronald?
6 Can I borrow your calculator during the algebra test? I’m sorry, but I need to use it.
7. Could I borrow some of your money please? I have less amount of money. Sure, here it is. Thanks.

the conversation :

1. Me : vel, would you like to bring your dictionary? can i see it?
Vel : ya, here you go.
Me : thanks, vel
Vel : anytime

2. Erwien : hey, you looks like worried of something. what happened?
Michel : yaa, i found some trouble here. i have to call my mom but my battery is empty. may i use yours?
Erwien : oh, sure!!
Michel : thanks a lot, boy!
Erwien : nevermind

3. Me : Excuse me, Can I have the check please? I have finish my meal here.
Waiter : ya, please wait for a moment, Ms. here you go.
Me : okay, thanks
waiter : you’re very welcome

4. Me : Excuse me Sir, may i help you?
Sir : of course, Son! thanks before
Me : okay Sir

5. Laura : Sir, i have to go home soon. may i leave your class earlier?
Sir : What’s wrong?
Laura : i have to pick my mom home
Sir : oh, okay, see you tomorrow

6. Adit : Dev, i’m forget to bring my calculator. can i use yours during the algebra test?
Devi : i’m sorry adit, but i have to use it by my self
Adit : it’s alright dev

7. Che : Shyn, may i borrow your money to pay my bill? i have less amount of it
Shyn : yup! no problem! here you are..
Che : thankyou shynta