1. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Is Ahmed there?
A : Yes, he is.
B : May I speak to him?
A : Just a minute, I’ll get him.

2. A : Hello. Mr. Black’s office.
B : May I speak to Mr. Black?
A : May I ask who is calling?
B : Susan Abbott.
A : Just a moment Ms. Abbott. I’ll connect you.

3. A : Hello?
B : Hi. This is Bob. Can I talk to Pedro?
A : Sure. Hang on.

4. A : Good afternoon. Dr. Wu’s office. Can I help you?
B : Yes. I’d like to make an appoinment with Dr. Wu.
A : Fine. Is Friday morning at ten all right?
B : Yes. Thank you.
A : Your name?

5. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Can I talk to Emily?
A : She’s not at home right now. Do you have a message?
B : No thanks. I’ll call later.

6. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Can I talk to Maria?
A : She’s not here right now.
B : Oh. Can I have a message?
A : Certainly. Just a minute. I have to get a pen.

7. A : Hello?
B : Hello. Could I talk to Jack?
A : Who?
B : Jack. Jack Butler.
A : There’s no one here by that name. I’m afraid you have the wrong number.
B : Is this 221-3892?
A : No, it’s not.
B : Oh, I’m sorry.
A : That’s okay.