business is :
in my opinion,business is a kind of effort that people doing all the time to fulfill their needs. Trying to get the highest profit with a least capital. They doing with their own way to reach the best result. It can be by themselves alone, or joinning the other to build a simple company at the first step

the business that i’ll choose :
i’ll choose an insurance business one. my reason is firstly, I haven’t to prepare a lot of money to begin it in capital. i just have to join at the company at all. Secondly,at the time i could worked or have a job at the other different office as an employee, or but i still can continue my business in insurance. And in the other hand, in this business i would help my customer to manage their finance well, take care of their health and also help they preparing their needs in the future which is in the investment. And i can also earning my own profit in my business way here.