1) George is cooking dinner tonight
George : Subject
is cooking : verb
dinner : complement
tonight : modifier of time
2) Henry and Marcia have visited the president
Henry and Marcia : subject
have visited : verb phrase
the president : complement
3) We can eat lunch in this restaurant today
we : subject
can eat : verb phrase
lunch : complement
in this restaurant : modifier of place
today : modifier of time
4) Pat should have bought gasoline yesterday
Pat : subject
have bought : verb phrase
gasoline : complement
yesterday : modifier of time
5) Trees grow
Trees : subject
grow : verb
6) it was raining at seven o’clock this morning
it : subject
was raining : verb phrase
at seven o’clock this morning : modifier of time
7) she opened a checking account at the bank
she : subject
opened : verb
a checking account : complement
at the bank : modifier of place
last week : moifier of time
8) harry is washing dishes right now
harry : subject
is washing : verb phrase
dishes : complement
right now : modifier of time
9) she opened her book
she : subject
opened : verb
her book : complement
10) paul, william, and marry were watching television a few minutes ago
paul, william, and marry : subject
were watching : verb phrase
television : complement
a few minutes ago : modifier of time